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A growing group of moderate non-politically aligned Australian citizens became concerned about the lack of information regarding the long-term impacts of enshrining a racially specific power in the constitution and decided to stand up.

Since the introduction of Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Amendment Bill 2022 it has become clear that the Federal government will not be supporting an education campaign for both sides of the referendum debate. In fact, it is now legally, politically and socially difficult for citizens to stand up and express any view contrary to supporting the Voice. Consequently, we have decided to form an alliance of concerned citizens with the goal of raising funds and creating educational content to inform citizens of the long-term negative impacts of dividing the nation based upon race.

“Constitutional Equality was founded by Phillip Mobbs in September 2022.
Phillip is an experienced entrepreneur and businessman with 30 years' experience in rapidly growing enterprises, managing teams and negotiating complex arrangements. Phillip's role is to grow and co-ordinate citizens across Australia to create a paid and volunteer "community of skill sets" to raise funds and contribute to the education of Australians regarding the long-term negative impacts of dividing the nation based upon race.”

Join us

We are Constitutional Equality, located in the heart of Melbourne, operating nationally. We are proud of our values and our principle of “one constitutional law for all.” Feel free to contact us and join our team of paid professionals and volunteers to develop educational awareness raising. If you are concerned about the long-term outcomes of the referendum, then donate to empower us to drive the message home. The only way to keep race out of the constitution is for concerned citizens to take action.
Required Skills Sets
  • Academics / Historians / Economists / Sociologists / Futurists / Demographers / International Comparative Policy Studies – many. 
  • SEO experts / Graphic designers / Social Media content creators and distributors. Social and Marketing managers.
  • Journalists / Researchers / Opinion writers
  • Language Translators of many languages. (Mandarin / Hindi)
  • Political Strategists / Public Relations / Political influencers.
  • Legal advice.
  • Experts wishing to be video interviewed.